Product Certificate and Label Mentafix
Name of Product :  MENTA FIX
Active Substance :  50 gr. / L Mepiquat chloride
Formulation Type :  Solution (SL)
Feature : It is a plant growth regulator and it is
taken by leaves and carried to all parts
of plant. It takes effect in a short time
and provides yield increase.
Toxicity : In rats acute oral LD 50: 464 mg/kg
Environmental Effect : It is toxic to fishes and bees.
Antidote : There is no specific antidote.

Form Of Market Presentation: 1 L


The device’s tank is filled with water in half. The medicine that is prepared as pre-mixture in a separate container is added to the tank. After the tank is fully filled with water and thoroughly mixed, the spraying is performed at a suitable time.


It can be mixed with insecticides and fungicides except alkali medicines and oils.


Usage in cotton:

It prevents excessive growth and regulates growth in cotton. Dark green leaf color, shorter nod distance and as a result a more shapely plant comes about, and hence raw intervals close in a longer time. The sunrays diffuse into plant better and reach bottom branches. A better air circulation happens in the lower parts of the plant hence boll development significantly decreases. Insect control is made in a simpler and effective way. It provides less comb and boll (apple) shed, larger bolls, earlier boll growth and early harvest. In order to fully benefit it:

  • The weed and insect control in cotton fields should be performed in a timely manner.
  • Normal fertilizer need of the plant should be met and normal irrigation should be provided.

Time of application: The most proper time of application is the beginning of flowering and the following two weeks. The application time stated above can be 3-5 days later or earlier according to irrigation conditions.

Dose of application: In general 100 ml / decare dose is applied at one time. If a vegetative growth to an abnormal degree occurs in the field, it is suggested that 3-4 weeks after the first application, an application of 50 ml / decare dose should be performed.

Partial application: Instead of one time application in high dose, it is possible to divide this dose into 3 or 4 and use it in small doses with the beginning of the comb stage of cotton. This way, the plant is taken under control with comb beginning and comb shed decreases. With partial application, it can be used in case of limited or irregular irrigation conditions or for cottons that do not grow tall and it can be benefited from its advantages.

Partial application doses:

The 1st application: 25 ml / decare (comb beginning)

The 2nd application: 25-50 ml / decare (before 1st water or after water if growth is weak)

The 3rd application: 25-50 ml / decare (7-14 days after the 2nd application or before 2nd water)

The 4th application: 25 ml / decare (It is performed if cotton continues growing)

Usage in onion and garlic: It provides yield increase in onion and garlic.

Time of usage:

if head onion is produced from seed, the best time for application of the medicine is 3-3.5 weeks after its planting. During that time, the onion is usually 4-5 leafed and 20-25 cm. tall and it is the heading time. If head onion is grown from shallot, the application time is approximately 2.5 months after its planting. The application time in garlic is like that of onion. The important thing in both onion and garlic is that the medicine should be used in the beginning of heading time.

Usage in peanut:

It provides yield increase in peanut. The trials showed that the yield increase is % 25-30. It can be used during the time between the beginning of flowering and full flower time. The best result is achieved from the applications performed during full flowering time. It is used as 150 ml / decare dose in peanut.


                                                           PLANTS FOR WHICH IT IS USED
Cotton It prevents excessive growth,
provides earliness.
Dose: 100 ml / decare

Time: Between beginning of flowering and flower
peak or with the comb beginning; 25-50 ml / decare
dose, 10-15 day intervals, 3- 4 applications
Onion and garlic It provides yield increase Dose: 100 ml / decare

Time: Onion produced from seed: 3-3.5 months
after its planting when onion is 4-5 leafed

Onion produced from shallot: Approximately 2.5
months after its planting.

Application in garlic: Approximately 2.5 months
after its planting.
Peanut It provides yield increase Dose: 150 ml / decare
Time: During the beginning of flowering and full flowering.