Product Certificate and Label İnox


Name Of The Product : MENTA İNOX
Active Substance : 100 gr/L  Penconazole
Formulation Form : Emulsifiable concentrate(EC)
Specification : This systemic fungicide has a
protecting and treatment effect. 
Environmental Impact : Toxic for bees. 
Antidote : There is not a special antidote.
Treatment will be made according
the symptoms.

Form Of Market Presentation: 0,1 L – 0,25 L


Before application, the nozzles of the equipment must be controlled, well cleaned and ready to function properly. First, fill half of the tank of the disinfestation device with water. Then you should mix the calculated dosage as recommended  in a separate bowl with some water. After, pour the preparation to the tank and complete it with water, making the device mixer works. The device or equipment should be well cleaned after application.


The efficiency of INOX is not affected by the products applied before or after it or by the mixture of products in tank. If it is needed to mix it, the control may easily be made by adding the desired product in a small quantity to INOX for product and physical point of view.


Vineyard powdery mildew: Application must be done before blossoming, when first leaves are developing or sprouts reaching 20-30 cm long. In this way, it will permit to impede the disease to reach a high level. During all the season, it is recommended to make applications 4-5 days at intervals of 14 days.

Mildew in roses, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and gherkins: Disinfestation must begin when the first symptoms of the disease are seen and if necessary, applications can go on at intervals of 14 days.


INOX Crop Protection Product is a fungicide classed Group 3 according to its mechanism of action. Repeated applications of the same group of crop protection products lead to resistance development. For this reason, do not exceed the number of recommended applications of INOX during the same season in order to avoid resistance development. In case applications need to be repeated, pay attention to use crop protection products with a different mechanism of action (apart from those of Group 3).


                                       PLANTS AND DISEASES FOR WHICH IT IS USED
PLANT NAME PEST NAME USED DOSAGE AND APPLICATION TIME Period of time between the last application and the harvest
Vineyard Vineyard mildew 
(Undnula necator)
25 ml / 100 L water or decare 14 days
Roses mildew (Sphaerotheca pannosa) 25 ml / 100 L water or decare
Tomatoes  (in greenhouses) mildew (Leveillula taunca) 50 ml / 100 L water or decare 7 days
Eggplants (in greenhouses) mildew (Leveillula taunca) 50 ml / 100 L water or decare 7 days
Gherkins (in greenhouses) Gherkins mildew (Erysiphe achoracearun) 50 ml / 100 L water or decare 7 days
Pepper (in greenhouses) mildew (Leveillula taunca) 50 ml / 100 L water or decare 7 days