Proximo Katı

Product Certificate and Label Proximo Katı
Product Name              : PROXİMO KATI
Type  : Solid Algae
Guaranteed Content : W/W
Organic Material           : 45%
Water Soluble Potassium Oxide (K20) : 15%
Alginic Acid       : 2%
EC   : 38.7 dS/m
pH Range : 7,3 - 9,3

Form Of Market Presentation: 0,4 kg – 4 kg – 5 kg


PROXİMO SOLID, is obtained from the extracts of algae that contains richest vitamins, minerals, enzymes and trace elements that is collected from the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It is % 100 an organic nutrient. It is a combination of 3 different types of algae that holds the richest sources of plant nutrients of brown algae of the class and with the best features of class. This species and features of Proximo is the most prominent feature that distinguishes from other algaes. Proximo derives Alginic Acids and Sitkonins in the content from Sargassum species of algaes and  Polysaccharides, Betains, Amino Acids and Organic Acids in the content from Laminaria species of algaes and  Macro Elements, Micro elements (Mn, Cu, Fe, Zn), Auxins, the Gibberellins, Mannitols in the content from Ascophyllum Nodosum species of algaes. It provides greater nutrient and water uptake from the soil by providing the strong root development. It allows the acceleration of the formation of chlorophyll and consequently it allows to do more carbohydrates and proteins. It increases the resistance to diseases and pests. It increases the resistance to environmental stresses such as frost, drought, lack of sun, extreme heat and cold. It increases the lateral branching and fruit set in fruit trees. It yields increase up to % 30 by reducing the flower and fruit casting. It increases the storage stability of products. It causes slowing down the multiplication of viruses and reduction in the loss of root-knot nematodes. It provides to be taken the macro and micro nutrients from the soil in balanced and long-term. Thanks to organic material in the content, it increases the amount organic material in the used soil. It increases the rapid and healthy root formation in plants because of Alginic and Giberellic Acids in the content. It is used to support the young plants and strengthen the plant after flowering. It increases the the transmission and availability of water and plant nutrients in plant. It helps to stabilize the cell membranes, proteins and chlorophylls in the plant and thereby delaying aging. Naturally It strengthens the roots of plants against pathogens and pests. Plants will be more resistant to drought and cold. It ensures good quality and plentiful plant and increases the shelf life of the product. It accelerates the vegetative and generative growth in plants by providing faster use of plant nutrients in the soil by the plant. It allows to be used by dissolving the plant nutrients such as Phosphorus, Potassium, Iron, Zinc which are accumulated in soil and can not be taken by the plant due to high pH value.                           

                                             USAGE, UTILIZATION TIME AND AMOUNT OF USE
In Fruits It can be applied in
8-10 day intervals:
Starting from the
first day,especially
at the beginning of
flowering, After the
fruit set, Nouaison
50 - 60 gr / 100 L water
60 - 70 gr / 100 L water
60 - 70 gr / 100 L water
Used in 3 replications
In Vineyards Starting from the
first day,Especially
in flowering period,
After the fruit set,
Nouaison period
40 - 50 gr / 100 lt water
50 - 60 gr / 100 lt water
60 - 70 gr / 100 lt water
Used in 3 replications
In Vegetables Starting from the
flowering period,
With 10 day
40 gr / 100 L  water
Used in 5 replications
By accelerating the
development, To
improve the flower
diameter, To improve
color and generally,
to ensure the
appearance the
potted flowers just
like cut flowers
40 gr / 100 L water
Used in 3 replications
In Field
With herbicides When It is applied in
80 - 100 gr / decar,
Good results are obtained.