Plant Protection Products in the Light of Developing Technology

Plant Protection Products in the Light of Developing Technology

We, MENTA, closely follow manufacturing technologies on a global scale. Product development processes starting in our R&D Laboratories are turning into manufactures on industrial scale. New generation products that we offer to market accordingly are much more reliable and environment-friendly. But how?

With our products having shorter residual times and applied with low dose per unit area,

With our products in the form of more dependable suspension concentrate thanks to the inputs other than active materials, used in the products having liquid formulation,

With our products in granular form to prevent dusting in the products having solid formulation,

With our diverse range of products having different impact mechanisms to ensure resistance management in plants,

With our water-soluble packaging materials that enable application without contacting the product,

With our manufacturing technologies preventing air, water and soil pollution,

With our commitment to Quality, Environment and Occupational Health & Safety, and

With our products that are more reliable and user- and environment-friendly at every stage of production and consumption

We, MENTA, work without break to achieve our engagement.

Because, we know that the future belongs to all of us.