Quality Control and R&D

Quality Control and R&D


The agricultural chemicals ranks number 3 in the sectors making the highest investment in R&D efforts all over the world, following the information technologies and human medicines sectors.

In this direction, we put at disposal of the Turkish farmers such plant protection and nutrition products as prepared with the latest ingredients in the light of the state-of-the-art technology.

R&D Laboratories are in continuous struggle for developing more efficient and environment-friendly products, and adapting the same to industrial scale. 

Fieldwork and laboratory-based works are simultaneously conducted to meet the demands arising out of the market and customers, and to generate customer- and product-specific solutions.

Another engagement of our R&D Laboratories is to determine market and customer demand just before they arise, and to develop new products aimed at directing these demands. To this end,  the latest production and formulation technologies are closely followed and these are ensured to be recorded in our country’s agriculture and chemistry inventory.

Flow of information and technology is the first priority in deriving the highest benefits from R&D activities and ensuring the sustainability of these efforts. For this purpose, we maintain our collaborations with various international laboratories meeting GLP (Good Laboratory Practices) requirements of OECD, from different countries of the world.




Located in production facilities, Quality Control Laboratories, unlike R&D Laboratories, are dedicated to performing quality control analyses of the existing products.

From raw material acceptance through the delivery of finished products, quality control analysis is made at each stage including raw material, semi-finished product and finished product, whereby compliance with relevant specifications and guaranteed workmanship requirements is controlled.

The most sensitive possible measurements are conducted thanks to Liquid and Gas Chromatographic Analysis, a state of the art technology product, as a result each product bearing the label of “MENTA” is rendered to the end user in the most appropriate way in all aspects.