Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Increase in the world population and decrease in agricultural lands make it more difficult to meet nutrition requirements; i.e., primary needs of the human being each passing day.

On the other hand, Menta Tarım works for making the earth more productive.

By way of various country-wide training and publication campaigns, we are trying to get professional agricultural producers adopt right habits such as: 

·         Applying the right agricultural chemicals properly and at the right time,

·         Making use of environment-friendly plant protection and plant nutrition products that derive from biodegradation in the nature and soil,

·         Making protective and protective programs in order to prevent illness or harmful factors before they occur,

·         Making curative programs for illness and harmful factors that have already occurred,

·         Ensuring and maintaining increase the productivity and quality of agricultural products.

Consciousness-raising and application works are being performed in pilot areas in order to prevent throwing the packages of agricultural chemicals used, to collect and dispose them appropriately.

The products, being produced within the body of Menta Tarım, are produced and supplied to the market in accordance with United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (UN-FAO) that specifies the standard specifications of agricultural chemicals.

Due to these reasons, Menta Tarım with its 100% domestic capital proudly represents Turkish agricultural chemical industry in the light of state of the art technology.

Social objective is to provide world class, the most effective and environment-friendly products for Turkish farmers at the most suitable costs. 

If you are with us for this objective, please look for the symbol  on the products you use trustfully.